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About PPAW

PPAW was created in 2003 by pet sitters, for pet sitters throughout Wisconsin and neighboring areas.

Members determine our activities, policies, and funding.  Members are encouraged to find and recommend marketing opportunities in their areas.

ALL money collected goes directly to sponsored events and marketing.   No single business or business owner profits directly from membership fees collected.

Private information provided to PPAW is PRIVATE and will not be sold or distributed outside of this group.

All financial matters are openly reported to the group, and financial decisions are made through polling.

PPAW has an average of around 30 member businesses each year.  Members are encouraged to act as professionals in the industry.  Members who commit illegal, unethical, or questionable acts may have their membership revoked at any time with no refund.

Members of PPAW are friendly, and welcome new pet sitters who wish to have a successful start.  Members are generous with their time, and helpful to other member sitters.

If this fits your style of doing business, please consider joining!

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 Welcome All Professional Pet Sitters!


Sitters Needed:

We are currently fielding referral calls from a number of areas that do not yet have member sitters. 

Membership Benefits:

  • Directory Listing that can be updated by you at any time
  • Voting privileges
  • Access to group files & templates
  • Participation in group message board
  • Participation in group marketing activities & sponsored events
  • Support from other professional sitters
  • The reputation of being a member of a professional pet sitting organization
Membership Fee:

The joining fee is $40.  Currently we are not doing enough activities to charge a yearly renewal fee, but such a fee may be implemented in future years again as needed for group activities.

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Meetings & Meeting Notes:

In 2006 our advertising campaign involved sending mailings to Vets throughout Wisconsin. 

Our 2005 advertising campaign has been completed and was a success.  We ran radio spots throughout for the Southeastern WI area.  We also sponsored booths at a variety of Waukesha and Milwaukee Area fairs.  We also did smaller activities, including sponsoring a humane organization calendar.

Events for the other areas are always being evaluated.  If you have any suggestions, please share them with us on the message board!

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Please Note:
The PPAW organization is an educational organization, and does not inspect or police member businesses.  Our directory of sitters is provided as a courtesy to users and a service to members.  The Webmaster and the organization, as well as it's individual members, assume NO liability in making this contact information available to the general public.  We encourage pet owners to check references and complete extensive research on any pet sitter prior to hiring.

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